Continental Lawyers & Legal Consultants UAE based law firm echoing its existence in GCC

Continental Lawyers & Legal Consultants is a UAE based law firm echoing its existence in GCC with repute associates throughout the world. It is a truly local as well as international law firm, uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today’s developed United Arab Emirates and other GCC Countries. As a pioneering international law firm, our multi-lingual expertise and diverse team of local and foreign well qualified, skilled and talented lawyers consistently deliver results for our clients.

Litigation Skills

Our lawyers hall all skills and knowledge that are essential to litigation practice including knowledge of substantive and procedural law; strong written and oral advocacy skills; analytical and logical reasoning abilities; ability to synthesize complex legal and factual materials; superior interpersonal skills; knowledge of legal research techniques and software; negotiation skills and clients development skills.


We are committed to providing our clients with quality, comprehensive, stress free, prompt, timely and cost-effective solutions for their challenging legal needs. We bring a personal involvement to all our work that allows us to develop close relationships with, and a deep understandings of, our clients and their businesses.


We specialise in advising public and private sector organizations in all matters civil & criminal: corporate & commercial. Our in-depth understanding of the legal issues, techniques essential when conducting business, and clients’ needs make us unique in the region. We focus our practice primarily in Civil & Commercial Litigation, Corporate, Banking, Construction, Maritime, Intellectual Property, Insurance, Family Disputes, Family Business, Real-Estate, Arbitration, Labour & Employment Disputes. Although, we are new but we are establishing our reputation as one of the UAE’s fast growing and most trustworthy law firm delivering an international level of service.


The firm’s 15 lawyers represent a wide range of local and international clients including government agencies and entrepreneurs.


Lawyers at Continental Lawyers & Legal Consultants are in diversity and fluently speak many languages including Arabic, English, German, French, Russian, Persian, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, and Korean.

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